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Data-Driven Infection Prevention and control

Facilitators of Wellness

Deep-Dive Assessment

Identifiy gaps in infection control practices, policies, and procedures. Includes in-depth report and implementation toolkit.

Infection Prevention & Control

Our consultation services are a great start for developing and managing the infection prevention program. From prevention to investigation and surveillance, IPCWell offers a full gamut of consulting services. 

Helping You Facilitate Lasting Wellness 

Close the gaps in your
infection control practices

We are devoted to mitigating infectious diseases and inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in all healthcare settings to reduce adverse events, infections, antibiotic resistance, re-admissions and avoidable loss of life.

In-service training

Data surveillance & management

Antibiotic stewardship

National Healthcare Safety Network assistance

Hand Hygiene and the Imperial March

Hand Hygiene and the Imperial March

Hand Hygiene seems so simple. You wash your hands for 20 seconds, you sing “Happy Birthday” twice.  (Or for you Star Wars fans, check out Doc Vader’s suggestion)   But do you know what CMS surveyors are actually looking for when it comes to hand hygiene? Not only...

Fundamentals of Visitor Entry

Fundamentals of Visitor Entry

As we have attempted to keep COVID out of our facilities, we have had to take some drastic measures. Residents deserve to have their loved ones come visit, yet it has been a difficult, delicate process to allow for this important part of the residents and their...

Annual Competency Training

In-Service training is available to meet annual competency requirements. Infection Control subjects include Hand Hygiene, PPE, Safe Injection Practices, Employee health (vaccinations), Environmental Cleaning, Sterilization and Reprocessing, Food Service, Infectious Diseases specific topics such as Clostridioides difficile infection, and more.

Data Surveillance & Management

Data establishes a baseline so we can answer many questions like, “How does my facility compare with the national average?”, “What areas can we improve in?”, and “What interventions are working?” With our mobile audit tool that connects to an easy-to-use dashboard, we will empower you to utilize your infection control data to improve outcomes.

Antibiotic Stewardship

Implement CDC’s Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship; Leadership Commitment, Accountability, Drug Expertise. Implement robust data tracking to include documentation of dose, duration, and indication. We utilize data to improve clinical outcomes, reduce adverse events from unnecessary antibiotics and decrease antibiotic resistance and healthcare spending.

National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN)

Implement the nation’s most widely used healthcare-associated (HAI) infection tracking system. We provide step-by-step instructions and technical assistance in enrolling, tracking, and reporting your HAI data. Most importantly, we provide education on how to utilize “live” NHSN data and reports to drive your infection control program for actionable results.

Client Testimonials

“Buffy has been a fantastic resource for our small independent CAHs who don’t have the resources to report and navigate NHSN. Thank you for being a great partner for our small rural hospitals.”

– Jill B., Associate Director, Arizona Center for Rural Health

“As a new infection preventionist here in Arizona, I have found IPCWell to be a great resource to me. When I have questions is quick to respond, with extensive knowledge on infection practices and guidelines. I am glad that our company has chosen to utilize this service for me.”

Janet Y., Infection Preventionist, Long-term Care Facility

“Buffy has been the one of the most vital additions to our healthcare organization. She has a passion and devotion to infection control that resonates in her attention to detail and her ability to translate her findings in a respectful and efficient manner. Buffy has proven to us the importance of having an infection control specialist on-board.”

Suzie R., Compliance Officer, Ambulatory Surgery Centers

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