CMS Survey Education

CMS Survey Education

Regardless of how ready we may be for a CMS or state survey, it can still be a tense and stressful time for a nursing home. We firmly believe that facilities need help and support during this pandemic, but the reality is that CMS handed out 15 million dollars in CMPs to 3,500 facilities in 2020, with immediate jeopardies tripling from 2019. To assist in your facility’s preparedness, we have created the following short videos as an outline to fortify your compliance before a survey


CMS Survey: What Are They Really Looking For?

We’re all familiar with the annual survey conducted by our state health department, but NEVER during a worldwide pandemic!! 3500 nursing homes across the country were recently cited for over $15M in State & Federal Survey violations, so today we’re talking about what you need to know to prepare your facility for a COVID-19 specific survey
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CMS Survey: What You NEED To Know

Empower the nursing homes to be successful with their CMS Survey! It’s important to know how to pass your State & Federal CMS Survey… but it isn’t not JUST about passing the survey it’s about providing safe care to our residents and our health care workers. Dr. Buffy gives you what you need to know so your nursing home or long term care facility will be successful with their CMS survey.

Transmission Based Precautions

Transmission based precautions can be tricky, but they help decrease the risk and prevent the outbreak of COVID in nursing homes. If you’re not an expert with the transmission based precaution guidance given out by the CDC, the Federal government, and all of the “expert” sources then you are going to love the education Dr. Buffy is providing.
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Monitor and Screen Staff the Right Way

The best way to reopen nursing homes for visitors is to implement a solid monitoring & screen process for staff. Decreasing the risk and preventing the outbreak of COVID in nursing homes can be tricky if you’re not an expert. Dr. Buffy gives you her top tips for screening staff.
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How To RE-OPEN Nursing Homes For Visitors

Reopening of your nursing home facility for visitors, post Corona Virus, starts with having a fantastic and efficient visitor entry process. Dr. Buffy highlights a proven process to support the reopening of your nursing home facility, because it is imperative that we ensure visitations don't lead to the transition of COVID-19!
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Hand Hygiene - The CMS Survey is about WHEN, NOT HOW

When it comes to hand hygiene, the CMS Survey is about WHEN, NOT HOW! Hand hygiene seems so simple… but the CMS Survey and the people who assess your facilities hand hygiene aren’t interested in the simplicity of washing your hands. 
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How to Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

In this video Dr. Buffy shows you how to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) properly. Plus, she show how germs can easily spread on your personal protective equipment. Don't miss this hands on demonstration!
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What is the MOST OVERLOOKED area for Infection Prevention?

What is the most overlooked area for infection prevention in long term care facilities? Could it be House Keeping? House Keeping in long term care facilities might just be the most overlooked/forgotten area for the spread of infectious disease. I see it done wrong in nearly every facility I visit.
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Does laundry water REALLY need to be 160 degrees?

Does laundry water need to be at 160 degrees in your long term care facility?
Did you know there is an actual law (and I've seen it enforced) that the water temperature for washing laundry in a long term care facility has to be 160°.
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Preventing Foodborne Illnesses in Nursing Homes

Preventing foodborne illnesses can be a challenge for long term care facilities. Let's be honest, preventing illness is hard enough. Here is some preventative tips to help you keep both staff and residents safe!
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What To Look For In An Infection Prevention Consultant

Hiring an infection prevention consultant is a big step, don't take it lightly. There aren't many quality infection prevention consultants available. Here are some tips to make sure you find someone worth of your time & money.
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