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IPCWell is devoted to mitigating infectious diseases and inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in all healthcare settings to reduce adverse events, infections, antibiotic resistance, re-admissions, and death. With human-centred design and new technology, healthcare is rapidly approaching a new horizon that is very promising, but even the brightest minds, cutting edge innovation, and beautiful new models of care will be rendered ineffective if the fundamentals of infection prevention are not firmly in place.

IPCWell is built of a dynamic team of professionals who share the vision and passion in achieving these goals.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, IPCWell has been called to action collaborating with many national and international public health organizations such as providing boots on the ground training and support to Doctors Without Borders in Houston, Texas and Detroit, Michigan. We have provided Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) subject matter expertise with qualitative research studies, subject matter expertise to the National Nursing Home Association by presenting webinars, boots on the ground support for CMS Quality Improvement Networks-Quality Improvement Organizations (QIO’s) to nursing homes hard hit with COVID-19, and supporting the Arizona Emergency Preparedness Infection Control (EPIC) Disaster Ready grant. We are the Epidemiologist for under-represented and underserved populations such as  Native American Tribes keeping their communities COVID-19 free.

Close the gaps in your infection control practices

We are devoted to mitigating infectious diseases and inappropriate antibiotic prescribing in all healthcare settings to reduce adverse events, infections, antibiotic resistance, re-admissions and avoidable loss of life.

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Meet Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci

Buffy Lloyd-Krejci, leader in infection prevention and control

Founder Dr. Buffy Lloyd-Krejci has always had a passion for mitigating infectious diseases through a data-driven approach. Utilizing her degrees in Applied Mathematics and Bio-Medical Informatics, she participated in a national CDC and CMS pilot study supporting long-term care facilities enroll and report Clostridioides difficile infection into NHSN.

Buffy realized how infections impact this vulnerable patient population with national estimates of 1-3 million infections leading to 380,000 deaths every year. Drawn to action to improve the infection prevention landscape, she founded IPCWell.

Infection Prevention & Control

Our consultation services are a great start for developing and managing the infection prevention program. From prevention to investigation and surveillance, IPCWell offers a full gamut of consulting services. 

Deep-Dive Assessment

Identifiy gaps in infection control practices, policies, and procedures. Includes in-depth report and implementation toolkit. Support the Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices.

Client Testimonials

As a new infection preventionist here in Arizona, I have found IPCWell to be a great resource to me. When I have questions is quick to respond, with extensive knowledge on infection practices and guidelines. I am glad that our company has chosen to utilize this service for me.
Janet Y.
Infection Preventionist, Long-term Care Facility
Buffy has been a fantastic resource for our small independent CAHs who don’t have the resources to report and navigate NHSN. Thank you for being a great partner for our small rural hospitals.
Jill B
Associate Director, Arizona Center for Rural Health
IPCWELL has been instrumental in helping me become an effective IP nurse for our building. Buffy became our infectious disease consultant over 1 year ago, shortly after I agreed to take the position as the infection control RN. Knowing hardly anything regarding antibiotic stewardship and the auditing of all of the different departments, IPCWell has been instrumental and a great resource. I learned more on the first site visit than I had learned in all of my certification classes. IPCwell remains available, day or night, weekday or weekends, if any questions arise. They are friendly and empathetic and have been a great support during this COVID pandemic. Their infection control strategies and foresight have helped us keep an outbreak from occurring in our building. I highly recommend IPCWELL for all of your infection prevention and control needs.
Sarah Downs
Buffy has been the one of the most vital additions to our healthcare organization. She has a passion and devotion to infection control that resonates in her attention to detail and her ability to translate her findings in a respectful and efficient manner. Buffy has proven to us the importance of having an infection control specialist on-board.
Suzie R
Prescott Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center, Prescott, Arizona
A thank you to our amazing partners at IPCWell! Our company is so incredibly lucky to have such phenomenal partners at IPCWell because of the help we receive for our infection control prevention planning. Buffy helps protect our patients and our staff members by conducting on-site visits for education as well as assessments to identify areas of improvement. She is always available to develop programs, answer questions, and educate all of our team members to maintain a safe environment at our surgical facilities. Buffy communicates with me regularly about our companies needs and ideas to operate a safe and infection-free setting. I highly recommend all companies utilize IPCWell. Buffy genuinely cares about our facilities and it shows by the exceptional work we see. I am very grateful for all of their hard work and continued education. Thank you so much for all you do!
Kristen Turner, Registered Nurse Supervisor
Arizona Surgical Specialists Center , Tempe, Arizona and Sonoran Desert Surgical Center, Chandler, Arizona

Collaborative Relationships

Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Association for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC)

University of Arizona Center for Rural Health

American Health Care Association (AHCA)

Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association (AZHHA)

C. Diff Foundation

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