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“Going Viral- Battling the Bugs that Make Us Sick” interview with Dr. Connie Mariano and Buffy Lloyd- Krejci. In this episode she will discuss Coronavirus and the threat it has brought to Americans over the past few months. The episode played live on VoiceAmerica.com on March 19th and can be found here.

Due to the pandemic disease and the fear of infection American’s lives has changed drastically. The stock market is experiencing heavy losses and activities that deal with large crowds are beginning to be cancelled. Dr. Connie Mariano has invited expert Buffy Lloyd-Krejci who specializes in infection control to join her on the show. In this episode, Dr. Mariano and Buffy, “The Bug Slayer,” discuss how the virus is being managed in health care facilities. They also provide those around the world with helpful tips on how they can protect themselves from being infected by the Coronavirus along with other airborne diseases. Dr. Mariano also adds, “Facts over fear, be sure to get your information from the CDC.”

About Buffy Lloyd-Krejci:
Buffy Lloyd-Krejci has a strong passion for alleviating infectious disease by using pure data. She has degrees within Applied Mathematics and Bio-Medical Informatics which makes all her infection tracking possible. She also participates in national CDC and CMS studies which helps provide her with more facts on the nation’s diseases. With the information that she has gathered she was able to discover that infections impact the patient population with estimates coming out to 1-3 million infections across the nation. Around 380,000 citizens die due to infection every year