If you have received a 2567 CMS or state citation, you may be required to hire an infection prevention consultant as part of the plan of correction. Hiring an IP consultant, while it will check off the box and get you back in compliance, can actually be an opportunity instead of a headache. Someone who can lead you, help you, and guide you to not only pass your survey but identify and fill any gaps in the IPC program. You want someone who understands your environment, understands your culture, and has extensive long-term care experience.

IPCWell can support your facility with knowledge and empathy when it comes to remediation. We truly care about the well-being of your staff and residents.

A Deep-Dive Assessment Includes:

Infection Prevention & Control
On-Site Infection Prevention & Control “Deep-Dive” Assessment
Infection Control Program & Infrastructure
Infection Control Program & Infrastructure development for your facility
Direct observation of facility practices as they are managed and on-the-spot training
Infection Prevention & Control Binder with resources
Detailed recommendations & toolkit for implementation
Detailed recommendations & toolkit for implementation of evidence-based practices
In-depth Interviews of frontline staff, pharmacy, lab, dietary services, & more

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Long-Term Safety

Infection control is a constant factor for any healthcare or nursing facility. Sign up for our annual services, which include monthly meetings, ongoing IP support, comprehensive training, free resources, and more. 

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Our passion is to help build healthcare facilities with lower infection rates, less antibiotic resistance, lower re-admissions, and a better quality of life for residents and staff. We understand your challenges and are here to support you.

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