With a Deep-Dive Assessment, we can identify gaps in policy and prevent harm before it happens. 

For a Deep-Dive Assessment, Dr. Buffy arrives on-site to work through your infrastructure directly with you. We take a look at all staff, resources, and programs in order to identify where you may need stronger infection control. We explore every aspect and conduct personal interviews with frontline staff, pharmacy techs, lab techs, and dietary & environmental services. Dr. Buffy identifies gaps in policy and prevents harms before they happen. She is able to support each staff member individually and answer specific questions so that staff understands the “why” of the process. Taking a supportive rather than punitive approach is what works and having been in hundreds of different facilities across the country, she understands the challenges healthcare workers face firsthand. 

Our team provides a detailed report with recommendations and an included toolkit for implementing the practices we advise. We also provide an Infection Prevention & Control binder that contains resources you can utilize going forward. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive picture of your facility that shows you where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and how to build on your existing practices for the future. 

Deep Dive Assessment

A Deep-Dive Assessment Includes:

Infection Prevention & Control
On-Site Infection Prevention & Control “Deep-Dive” Assessment
Infection Control Program & Infrastructure
Infection Control Program & Infrastructure development for your facility
Direct observation of facility practices as they are managed and on-the-spot training
Infection Prevention & Control Binder with resources
Detailed recommendations & toolkit for implementation
Detailed recommendations & toolkit for implementation of evidence-based practices
In-depth Interviews of frontline staff, pharmacy, lab, dietary services, & more

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Infection control is a constant factor for any healthcare or nursing facility. Sign up for our annual services, which include monthly meetings, ongoing IP support, comprehensive training, free resources, and more. 

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Our passion is to help build healthcare facilities with lower infection rates, less antibiotic resistance, lower re-admissions, and a better quality of life for residents and staff. We understand your challenges and are here to support you.

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