IPCWell - Infection Control Consultant & Expert - United States

IPCWell is dedicated to reducing the harms and deaths associated with infections in all healthcare settings, with a special focus on underserved and under-resourced facilities such as nursing homes. Healthcare facilities hire IPCWell to evaluate their current infection control program. They then educate front-line workers on evidence-based best practices.


Buffy Lloyd-Krejci is an Infection Prevention Specialist at IPCWell and her passion stemmed from her role in the ICU during the H1N1 virus. After obtaining her doctoral degree in Public Health with a Specialization in Epidemiology, she began to work with nursing homes and saw the lack of infection prevention control (IPC) in place.


“When I learned that there are 380,000 deaths associated with serious infections in nursing homes every year, I knew I had to take action. That’s when I became Board Certified in Infection Control and started what is now IPCWell.”


Three ways to make nursing homes safer in this face of a pandemic


1. Data transparency is key. All Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) are required to report COVID-19 data to the CDC. This reporting will enable the facility and governing boards to make informed, data-driven decisions.


2. Nursing homes need personal protective equipment. IPCWell has partnered with SPH Medical and together we are piloting a solution to get much-needed PPE into nursing homes in an affordable and timely manner.


3. I am advocating for creating a NIIN (Nursing Home Improvement Innovation Network) with the sole purpose of utilizing data to track infections and proactively implement practices that mitigate the harms and deaths associated with infection, creating a safer environment for all.


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